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1) List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
2) Don't say who they are.
3) Disable comments.
4) Never discuss it again.

1. I think your an asshole. I hate you. I knew you were never my dad because people dont do that to there children. And i think your fucking gay.

2. I love you more that words can say but sometimes i think you dont love me back. Sometimes i feel like im giving my all but its all for nothing.

3.Your a bitch sometimes and i think you overreact about a lot of things. Sometimes i think you do it to make me feel like shit.

4. I think you are really handsome. I would never be with you though because your attitude is ugly.

5. I think you try to hard to be "hott" and your always preaching to "keep it real" but honestly i think your the fakest one.

6.I think your really queer and you'll never admit it.

7. You shouldn't be so two-faced. You should lead people along. And you shouldn't break peoples hearts

8. I think your an awsome person and i think you dersive that "certian person" more than anybody for being there and being so supportive.

9. You dont know how to love but you always claim to. You always hate.

10. Get real. Stop being so angry. And love a little. Let someone inside your life a little bit.

im screaning the comments. it you think something is about and your dieing to know. ask i may anser i may not.
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